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Liz speaking! Isn't this neato?

*creepy, Dora-esque silence*

I think so too! What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Season? Word? Emoji? Book? Let me know in Link I.!!!!

I'm Currenly Reading

Dreams of Joy, Freakonomics, Several Japanese and Spanish Textbooks, and as for manga, Utena and Ao Haru Ride, whICH NEVER FREAKIN UDATES WHERE IS CHAPTER 43???? W H E R E

Current Top 5 Favorite Mangas (I just read Shoujo/slice of life ahaha no adventure here in lameville)

Furuba will 5ever top the list bc of reasons ok

Yotsubato!/Azumangadaioh (its the same author, ok??? i like them both so

Ao Haru Ride

5 Centimeters Per Second (GREAT manga and so HAPPY and totally NOT SOUL-CRUSHING!1!!1)


2-way tie between Kitchen Princess and Dawn of The Arcana (wow Liz. wow)

Is someone gonna kick my butt if i don't include sm, snk, or pmmmmmmmmm?? come at me bro


I am simultaneously the coolest and lamest person ever #swag


Once I ate a whole cucumber. I documented the experience for science


My IPhone has over 100 notes in the notepad app. Some are from 2 years ago, some are from 2 hours ago, and subject matter varies from shopping lists to poems to this one song my family made me write about a girl with Chihuahua eyes

My Tumblr Clique (Ppl Ik fo realzies)

Ask these users if they know me and they will probably say 'oh yeah, shes really annoying'







and someone else who is a weenie and does not want to associate with me/my blog bc i am obviously 2 cool 4 them (u kno who u is)


Hayao Miyazaki’s advice on how to use transparent watercolors in the booklet of the Ghibli Museum Sketching Set.
Title: My recommendation. Transparent watercolor is good.
"transparent watercolor has a strong habit", "do not paint stickily and paint after wiping the extra paint and water off", "paint thinly the bright part", "had better not use white", "paint other color after under color has dried", "let’s mix the color and use it."
Light the wool which protrudes on a new painting brush. Anything is fine for a water vessel. A retractable knife is enough for the pencil sharpener. One 2B pencil is enough for the pencil. Divide the palette into seven zones: Bright, Dark, Black, Green 1, Green 2, Blue 2, Blue 1. Do not use the eraser. Do not draw a guideline for a picture.
"these painting materials are enough for a 2-week trip and preparations for a movie."
Found this on Nausicaa.net along with the news that the new Takahata and Miyazaki Ghibli films for next summer are expected be announced this week!
  • What a girl says: I'm fine
  • What she really means: O h god, Ymir and Historia haven't seen each other for a lon g time. Oh m yfkcn god. Ymir smiled wh en she fkcn told her her real name. Stop it i hate this ship


finally anime is being destroyed

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